Wednesday, October 25, 2006



Much has been said about the discovery of a hidden manuscript that was purported to be the work of Nostradamus, the sixteenth century seer. It has also been suggested that because of the sensitivity of the predictions, at that time, Nostradamus was forced to scramble many, if not most of his prophecies in order to escape the wrath of the CHURCH!

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Monday, October 16, 2006



Is Usama bin Laden more useful dead or alive to the American Administration, and, what truth is there in all the CONSPIRACY THEORIES?

Was George W Bush's escape from the Danger Zone really a stroke of luck or was it a carefully planned strategy?

Why are there so many unanswered questions and what is the likelihood of another 9/11 catastrophy?

Saturday, June 10, 2006



Was the real JESUS CHRIST hijacked? And was the HOLY TRINITY, conferred upon JESUS, the result of a vote by the NICAEAN COUNCIL?

Dan Brown states in his DA VINCI CODE, that Christians may have been misled by those in authority, for TWO THOUSAND YEARS! And that the CHURCH played a major role in this COVER-UP.

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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

THE LAST STAR; What really happened....

THE LAST STAR; What really happened....

THE LAST STAR; What really happened in the GARDEN of GHETSEMANE? Did Judas betray Jesus or was this all part of a MAJOR PLAN? What do we really know about the CRUCIFICTION? And how will the MAJOR PLAN affect us all ? can you afford NOT TO KNOW ABOUT THIS ! Read , ' THE LAST STAR' . IT WILL BLOW YOUR MIND !!! Go to: , and get your copy for only $3.50 . NOW !

Monday, February 13, 2006

The Last Star

The Last Star

Nostradamus, the sixteenth century seer, predicted the end of the internet towards the CLOSE OF 2006. The Bible on the other hand predicts the advent of a VIRUS PROGRAMMER, or WORM WRITER, who will infect all the computers subscribing to the internet with a KILLER VIRUS! So..? What does this hold for the computer people, or, for the ordinary man, for that matter?

The BIBLE has a remedy though, a very simple one too. But before we investigate that, let us first look at what Nostradamus had to say and put it all into perspective.

Aupres des portes & dedans deux citez.

Serant deux fleaux & onc n' apperceut V N Tel,

Faim, dedans peste, de fer hors gens boutez,

Crier secours au grand dieu immortal.

The Translation:

Near the GATES and inside two Cities,

There shall be TWO FLAWS, and nobody

noticed it from INTEL.

Hunger, pests inside, by steel people thrown out.

Cry for help to the Great Immortal God.

The quatrain speaks about two flaws that will affect the computer giants ( Microsoft and Intel). The first flaw, incidently, was discovered by a Professor Thomas Nicely from the Lynchburg University in America. Infact, the bug that the computer boffins had feared, was more of an integer flaw on the Floating Point Unit ( F P U ) of the microprocessor where erronious values were returned for certain division operations. For example:

Computing, 00(824633702441.0) * ( 1/824633702441.0)

which shall equal 1 (one) exactly (within some extremely small rounding error). Likewise with the Windows Calculater Bug, where 2.01 - 2.00 = o !

The second flaw, however, shall be different.

A worker in the employ of Microsoft will write a worm program out of spite and vindictiveness for having been booted out by Intel, and , in so doing, shall infect most, if not all the computers subscribing to the internet, with a killer virus.

We know that Nostradamus had made thousands of predictions and while many of them had come true , perhaps it can be said that many more had not come true. And while there were some with hidden meanings there were others with such ambiguity that no clear or coherent translation could be given to them.

Nostradamus, however, had studied many things, and during his stay with a Doctor Scalinger he obtained a book on mysticism which had a distinct correlation with the Bible, or the Old Testament, as we know it. From this manuscript came many of his prophecies that had proven to be true and there are predictions like the Tsunamis and the earthquakes that had killed thousands in Indonesia and Iran. Also, there are predictions about the shifting of the electro - magnetic plates deep within the earth's core that shall cause great devastation.

The most poignant of these predictions from this particular manuscript though, is the worker who will be in the employ of Microsoft and his intent on destroying the computers of the world with his killer virus programs. According to the prophecy, he shall be hiding behind Bill Gates or protected by the Corporation and he shall be untouchable by the Law.

There shall be a cry of help to the Great Immortal God!

He is referred to as the anti-Christ.

The manuscript highlights many of the scriptural books, especially those of JEREMIAH and ISIAIH. And, the verses which substantiates Nostradamus' quatrains were written in the old Hebrew text.

One other strange occurance in the manuscript is the fact that a remedy is mentioned in the eventuality of a serious worm attack. This is done by way of GEMATRIA, the numerical value of words in either the old Greek , or Hebrew text.

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